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7 Healthy Living Foods to Fight Stress And Disease.

- July 21, 2020
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7 Healthy Living Foods to Fight Stress And Disease.

7 Healthy Living Foods to Fight Stress And Disease.

Under stress - whether it is work, studies or a relationship, dietary habits change to a great extent. Some people lose their appetite when stress is low, while others eat more - most fatty, sweet, and junk food. Blaming stress is not always the right approach to making poor food choices. In fact, making the right food choices will help stabilize blood sugar levels and your emotional response. Good nutrition helps in balancing your stress hormones, relieving stress and enhancing your mood.

Here are 7  Healthy foods.


Being a complex carbohydrate, oatmeal causes your brain to produce serotonin, a fine chemical. Serotonin calms you down and makes you feel good. Oats are also rich in beta-gluten, which helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and also helps in weight management.

6  Health benefits of eating oats and oatmeal

  •  Oats are incredibly nutritious.
  •  Whole oats are rich in antioxidants, including avenanthramides.
  •  Oats contain a powerful soluble fiber called beta-gluten.
  •  They can lower cholesterol levels and protect LDL cholesterol from damage.
  •  Oats can improve blood sugar control.
  •  Oatmeal can be very filling and can help in weight loss.


Nuts help to replenish vitamin B stores that reduce stress. B vitamins help us manage stress fight or flight response. Potassium in nuts also helps to maintain blood pressure thereby reducing the pressure on the heart.

8  Health benefits of nuts.

  •   Excellent source of fiber.
  •   High in protein.
  •   Rich in antioxidants.
  •   Reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
  •   Reduce the risk of heart disease.
  •   Help you feel fulfilled.
  •   Help with weight loss.
  •   There are valuable nutrients like magnesium, copper and vitamin E.


Eating salmon regularly has been linked to reducing the risk of depression because it contains omega 3 fatty acids. It can reduce stress and anxiety in individuals even when eaten twice a week.

Here are 8 incredible benefits of salmon.

  •   Reduces blood pressure. ...
  •   Source of healthy fat. ...
  •   Weight loss friendly. ...
  •   Bank of vitamins and minerals. ...
  •   Improves memory, good brain food. ...
  •   Anti-inflammatory. ...
  •   Facilitates healthy skin. ...
  •   Keeps you warm


Leafy greens contain folate that produces dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is involved in emotional regulation in the brain and thus keeps you happy. In addition to folate, magnesium in leafy greens also helps keep us cool and nice.

Top 5 Leafy Greens


Spinach is the most common and most familiar leafy green for most people. It is considered a super food because it is a good source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), C, K, and folate as well as dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. Spinach is also a good source of selenium, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids and B vitamins and vitamin E.


Kale is a nutritious powerhouse known as one of the healthiest and most nutritionally dense foods on earth with high antioxidant activity. A cup of banana leaves contains only 35 calories, yet provides 5 grams of fiber, zero grams of fat with 3 grams of protein, and is full of health-boosting nutrients such as RDI 206 for Vitamin A %; 684% of the RDI for vitamin K; 134% vitamin C; And powerful disease protective phytonutrients. Per calorie, kale provides more calcium than milk and more iron than beef.


Beta carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A, and folate are its standout nutrients. It is best in salads or in sandwiches that require crunch, and can also stand up to quick grilling.


Although it nourishes towards the bottom of the nutrition list, it still provides some potassium, vitamin C and folate.

Swiss chard

This strongly scented green ripe cup gives you all the vitamin K you need per day, plus vitamins A and C and antioxidants carotenoids and flavonoids. Toss in egg dishes or soups, or add sauce and sesame seeds or lemon juice with garlic.


Avocados are rich in stress relieving B vitamins, vitamin C and folate. They also contain potassium which naturally helps in lowering blood pressure. This makes them one of the best foods for relief from stress and anxiety.

6  Proven Health Benefits of Avocado

  •  Avocado is incredibly nutritious. ...
  •  They use more potassium than bananas. ...
  •  Avocado is loaded with heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. ...
  •  Avocados are loaded with fiber. ...
  •  Eating avocado can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels. ...
  •  People who eat avocados stay healthy.


Milk contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin is a "feeling good" chemical that is known to promote relaxation and calm in a person. And, milk taken with another carbohydrate will help in the absorption of tryptophan.

  •   Calcium: Builds healthy bones and teeth; Maintains bone mass
  •   Protein: serves as a source of energy; Builds / repairs muscle tissue
  •   Potassium: Helps in maintaining a healthy blood pressure
  •   Phosphorus: Helps strengthen bones and generate energy
  •   Vitamin D: Helps in Maintaining Bones
  •   Vitamin B12: Maintains healthy red blood cells and nervous tissue
  •   Vitamin A: Maintains the immune system; Helps maintain normal vision and skin
  •   Riboflavin (B2): Converts food into energy
  •   Niacin: metabolizes sugars and fatty acids


Being stressed can be harmful to your nervous health. Lentils and beans are rich in magnesium, folate, and potassium which help calm nerves, reduce anxiety and promote brain health.

Health Benefits of Lentils

  •   They are filled with polyphenols. ...
  •   They are high in protein. ...
  •   They are a good source of iron. ...
  •   They are full of fiber. ...
  •   Lentils are good for your bones. ...
  •   They are a good source of folic acid. ...
  •   They are high in magnesium.

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